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Tips for an Office Fitout

Tips for an Office Fitout The way office spaces are designed is more important than people might usually expect. As much as possible, offices must foster customer experience, while at the same time, encourage productivity and interaction among your employees. Far too often, dull office spaces with little to no thought put into the layout … Read more

What is a Suspended Ceiling?

suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings are a great option for planning or renovating amenities for a big space. This ceiling system offers better control for lighting, air ventilation, sound quality and insulation in open plan areas. Also called a dropped ceiling, they likewise offer a cost-effective way to cover unattractive or damaged ceilings and save on energy bills. … Read more

What is a Bulkhead Ceiling?

bulkhead ceiling

While walking into an elegant kitchen, few people ever ask, “what is a bulkhead ceiling?”. What they will notice is the subtle lighting or the cool air from unseen vents surrounding the room.  Bulkhead ceilings provide a stylish solution for masking any room’s hidden functions. What is a Bulk Head Ceiling A bulkhead ceiling, also … Read more

Stud Walls Perth

stud walls

Our Stud Wall Construction Service If you’re thinking of remodelling your office, be prepared to deal with issues such as framing, drywall, and stud walls. Stud walls are vertical framing members that make up a wall’s structure. They are also put up to be non-load-bearing. Stud walls also merely separate spaces such as those in … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Suspended Ceilings?

suspended ceilings perth

Introduction Ever considered installing suspended ceilings Perth? If not, you might well be missing out. There are several aesthetic and practical reasons to opt for a suspended ceiling. And Gypworks is the team of ceiling contractors to execute this design flawlessly.  Not sure if the idea appeals to you? Are you worried about having suspension … Read more

Office Fitout Perth

Office Fitouts Fitting out your new office space is one of the biggest expenses for your company, so it makes sense to get everything right from the start. From the look and feel of the new office to its facilities, you should consider all things that will increase your team’s productivity and improve your company’s … Read more

Commercial Ceilings Perth

To make a great impression on your clients, you will need to create a feel-good and presentable office space that is accommodative to various types of people. A great ceiling not only adds to the beauty of your office, but it also tells more about the personality of your business. This is why most companies … Read more