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If you’re thinking of remodelling your office, be prepared to deal with issues such as framing, drywall, and stud walls.

Stud walls are vertical framing members that make up a wall’s structure. They are also put up to be non-load-bearing. Stud walls also merely separate spaces such as those in partition walls. In modern frame construction, wall studs are important to hoist a building’s foundation into place so that it could withstand possible damage from wind or strong earthquakes.

Different Types Of Stud Walls

Timber studs – Timber remains the most common material for studs. It’s considered to be the traditional form of wall studs and preferred for being adaptable and lightweight.  What’s good about timber studs is they are capable of being covered and infilled with diverse materials to produce the desired finish. Timber studs are easier to cut, stronger, and last longer than steel studs. However, they are more expensive and require master carpentry to install.

Steel studs – Steel studs are useful in supporting non-load bearing walls. This stud is ideal for temporary structures that take a short amount of time to finish.

Studs For Doors And Windows

Studs are also useful in putting in place windows, interior finish, doors, and utilities in your office. There are various kinds of studs used for frame construction other than walls. Examples are king studs, trimmers or cripple studs.

About GypWorks

Setting up stud walls and partitions should go into any office fit-out. Some of the benefits of having stud walls include improving the general look of your space. Office partitions can give you and your employees much-needed privacy. You can put up new walls or alter existing ones to maximise your office space.

Commercial wall construction is a complex process that requires the expertise of an experienced construction company. Western Australia-based Gypworks is an award-winning residential and commercial builder with more than two decades of experience in setting up walls and ceiling systems. Guarantee the best office remodelling projects with excellent carpentry and craftsmanship from GypWorks.

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