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What Are The Benefits Of Suspended Ceilings?


Ever considered installing suspended ceilings Perth? If not, you might well be missing out. There are several aesthetic and practical reasons to opt for a suspended ceiling. And Gypworks is the team of ceiling contractors to execute this design flawlessly. 

Not sure if the idea appeals to you? Are you worried about having suspension rods or strapping visible? Read through the benefits of this design below or give us a call. We’re happy to answer questions and provide advice.

Benefits of Having a Suspended Ceiling

Easier Access to Internal Components

With standard ceilings, you have to stumble around in the dark or remove part of the ceiling to make repairs. Suspended designs save on ceiling supplies because you lift away the nearest panel for access and replace it when done.


Please speak to us about tiles that can reduce noise transmission from above the building. The very fact that there’s a gap between the ceiling tiles and the roof also improves soundproofing.

Better Energy Efficiency

By lowering the roof, you effectively make the interior smaller. That means less space to heat or cool and reduce energy usage.

Suspended ceilings lower the ceiling height of interior space, thereby reducing the area that needs to be heated. The result of improved insulation is a lower energy bill.

Interiors are Brighter

Lowering the ceiling means that reflected light doesn’t have to travel as far, which improves the brightness in the room.

Better Hygiene

By increasing the space between the ceiling and the roof, you’re reducing the overall humidity in the area. This reduces the chances of bacteria and fungi growing. With specialised fixers, suspended ceilings are also easier to sanitise.

Want to know how Gypworks can create a custom look for your property? Give us a call today. Let’s discuss your options.