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Plasterboard Partition Walls

Partition walls are a convenient and practical way to split spaces and create internal features. Plasterboard, a flexible material that can also be used for bearing ceilings and walls, works as a great top coat for your partition walls to give them a smoother finish.

Benefits of Using Plasterboard Partition Walls

Easy to install. Using plasterboard will give your partition walls a clean and fresh look in no time, especially when installed by the experts.

Fire-resistant. This means that aside from serving practical and aesthetic purposes, plasterboard also gives you extra-safety benefits.

Sound isolation. Plasterboard also helps isolate sound. As wall partitions, this is an extremely useful function because it minimizes noise no matter how limited your space may be.

Durable and versatile. Not only is plasterboard durable against time and the elements, but it also suits numerous design plans because the material is so versatile.

Economical building material. One of the best things about plasterboard as a material is that it is highly inexpensive. You get to enjoy all of its benefits without hurting your wallet.

Partition Walls FAQs

What are partition walls?

Partition walls are room-dividers that allow you to section off spaces. They are designed as non-load bearing walls. This means that they may be of the folding, collapsible, or fixed variety. However, when they are designed to be load-bearing, then they function as 'internal walls.'

Are there different types of partition walls?

There are a variety of partition wall types, usually depending on what kind of material they are made of. They include glass, brick, or more flexible materials.

How do I know which type of partition wall I need?

When choosing which one will best suit your purposes, consider the space you're using it for. Is it a home or an office space? Do you want the walls to be easily collapsible, or do you want them to be permanent and immovable? If you are unsure, it's best to consult professionals who may also offer installation services.