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What is a Bulkhead Ceiling?

While walking into an elegant kitchen, few people ever ask, “what is a bulkhead ceiling?”. What they will notice is the subtle lighting or the cool air from unseen vents surrounding the room.  Bulkhead ceilings provide a stylish solution for masking any room’s hidden functions.

What is a Bulk Head Ceiling

A bulkhead ceiling, also called a “softfit”, is an enclosed part of the ceiling that is commonly boxed- in or dropped. What is a bulkhead ceiling made of? Some are made with galvanised steel and rhinoboards. Bulkheads are used to conceal work behind:

  •   lighting,
  •   plumbing,
  •   air circulation,
  •   and speaker systems.

Bulkhead ceilings are also used to adjust height differences between a high ceiling and cabinetry.

What are the Different Types of Bulkhead Ceilings?

Clients often ask ‘what is a bulkhead ceiling’, when designing their kitchens, but these ceiling attachments can also be useful in basements and even bathrooms.

The different kinds of bulkhead ceilings can adjust to the shape of a framed room:

  •  They can be customised into “U” or “L” shapes, to define the transition between rooms or to section off a bigger space;
  •  The Vault or Barrel type to hide electrical wiring;
  •  The Dropdown type that can be boxy or dome-shaped, to add sophisticated lighting; and
  •  Other unique bulkhead designs such as the Double Step or Light Trough, which offer more stylish lighting functions to add height, or emphasize special areas in an open-plan space, respectively.

Why are they a Popular Choice for Perth Homes and Businesses?

Bulkhead ceilings offer the perfect solution for more beautiful functional design plans in every room. They give added aesthetic appeal for a more relaxed atmosphere – you can enjoy better lighting, air circulation, and even music, with everything else hidden elegantly behind the scenes.

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