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What is a Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended ceilings are a great option for planning or renovating amenities for a big space. This ceiling system offers better control for lighting, air ventilation, sound quality and insulation in open plan areas. Also called a dropped ceiling, they likewise offer a cost-effective way to cover unattractive or damaged ceilings and save on energy bills.

What is a Suspended Ceiling?

A suspended ceiling system is installed as a false ceiling below the main foundation and works to lower ceiling height and hide electrical, insulation and plumbing services.

Suspended ceilings are usually made up of a suspended metal grid framework, which is connected to the main ceiling by wires. The lightweight grid is then covered with tiles or panels. These ceiling accessories come in a variety of materials to suit different purposes.

Common fibreglass acoustical or mineral fibre tiles are used for soundproofing, while translucent ones work to diffuse light.

Advantages of Suspended Ceilings

1.  Energy Conservation: many tile options offer better savings for light and insulation 

2.  Improved Sound Quality and Fire Safety: varied tile choices can improve sound quality (acoustical tiles) and fire safety (fire-rated wood or mineral fibre tiles)

3.  Easier Wiring and Plumbing Maintenance: provides easier access to specific service areas without disturbing the whole structure

Types of Suspended Ceilings

Depending on function, material, or method used, there are different ways to classify suspended ceilings:

  • Joint suspended ceilings offer a seamless look like a traditional ceiling.
  • Open or Decorative suspended ceilings use suspended shapes or an open framework that places light fixtures above or below the ceiling, for more visually appealing illumination.
  • Panelled suspended ceilings like a Bandraster offer more versatility; the mains and metal tees are made up of different lengths and can be arranged in varying patterns.

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